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These is the discography from Who's Yo Fatty?!?

  • MoBangFoYoBuck
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - Crazy Rappalistic, had ta kick off the new album wit it Lyrics
    Who's Yo Fatty?!?
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - da MOFUGGIN THEME SONG! Lyrics
    Tales from da Short Bus 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - I told you muthafuckas dats some real scary shit! Lyrics
    I Wanna Touch Yo Butt- 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - this trak iz about bitchez at the clubs- you know how it be fellas! Lyrics
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - Double Dee tells the tale about bitchez who live the lie- yall take shits too! Lyrics
    Da 99 Cent Sto- 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - this is where we gets all da freshy fresh gear yo!! Lyrics
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - I wish I was a Dirt Bike Pro!   Lyrics
    ButtahFace Bitchez- 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - When I saw her from behind she looked good fron the back!! Lyrics
    Bitchez Wit Chicken- 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - those who know Crack Money is know this track- it's a mofuggin anthem!   Lyrics
    Skinny Bitchez Remix- 
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - we renamed this one too cuz it's a mofuggin anthem! Lyrics
    Milf feat. PsychoStick
    [Album - Who's Yo Fatty?!?] - AWWE SHIT SON! Yo mama is so HOT! Lyrics
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