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Double DEE!
$Double DEE$
A.K.A. Ass-Crack- A.K.A. EmCee DownSyndrome- A.K.A. Saladtosser2001- A.K.A. Da Impotent Gangsta- A.K.A. Jonny FudgeKnuckles-
Occupation- Donkey Punchin Rap SupahStar / Professional Dancer
Big Daddy Crack! $Big Daddy Crack$
A.K.A. Crackalishis- A.K.A. DaBigCracka- A.K.A. MaxaMillions- A.K.A. Poppa Rox-
Occupation- Donkey Punchin Rap SupahStar / Anal Officionado
Jimmy Jangle!

$Jimmy Jangle$
A.K.A. KidCyphillis
Occupation- the guy who pushes play on the tape player and pretends to scratch

DAMN These Bitchez isz HOT!

A.K.A. Boobie Twins-
left- Kandy, right- Kitty,
Occupation- Stage Dancers/ Hot Chicks with Boobs

Bitch Ass Cop!

$Bitch Ass Cop$
A.K.A. ButtRocker Bill-
Occupation- the name says it all

Dr. Dreidel $Dr. Dreidel$



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